My Love of Home Décor

Just like fashion, home décor allows you to express yourself through colours, textures, and accessories. The way you decorate your space represents you and is another extention of yourself. There is nothing better then wearing an outfit you absolutely love, so why not enter a space you also love. Home décor started becoming a passion of mine over the last few years when I decided I had finally grown out of my lime green and hot pink walls.

During the redecorating process, I realized the importance of having a space you can call your own and one that reflects your own style. My top three tips that I find help me to create my space are 1. Include personal pictures, 2. Fill the room with your favourite scent, 3. Keep your space clean. Adding photos of either favorite memories, you and your friends, or scenic photos of a recent trip remind you of the good and make for a comforting space. Walking into your clean space filled with you favourite smell  insures a stress-free environment. I know it’s hard to keep your space clean, but try making it a habit.

Styling your space takes time and that’s okay. You don’t need to rush. The perfect piece may not be easy to find. Sometimes you may need to look for inspiration to get some new ideas or ways to do it yourself.

I now watch HGTV on a regular basis (Leave It To Byran, anyone?) to find inspiration and learn everything I can. Pinterest is of course another way to gather inspiration. My Pinterest board that gets the most pins on my account is  obviously “Design.” I am also constantly roaming Home Sense and Urban Barn for ideas.

I’ve slowly been making progress on my room décor. I constantly am rearranging items and purchasing new ones. If you look at my Pinterest Design board, you will see a lot of greys, whites, and blacks. I would describe my décor style as industrial cozy chic. I am obsessing over exposed metal whether that be black (my favourite) brass, gold, or silver. My lamps fully embody the industrial look. Also, another tip. Don’t be afraid to mix and match metals. My entire room is a mix. Aside from the metal accents, I like to keep everything else cozy and chic with pillows, blankets, and fur.

Here’s a peak into my room!

There are some of my favourite personal photos from a trip I took to New York in May with my sister. You don’t even need photos from your DSLR. Like my photos, scroll through your iPhone photos and pick out the ones you love and send them to a printer.    IMG_0406IMG_0398IMG_0401
Home decor can be expensive but you don’t need to spend a fortune on every piee. This lamp is from IKEA. Ikea is a great place as we all know to get inexpensive trendy pieces. There are also so many IKEA hacks on Pinterest that can transform any piece. IMG_0392IMG_0407IMG_0420IMG_0423.JPG IMG_0425IMG_0417IMG_0429

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