Subscription Box Love

Subscription boxes have become a popular item. They are the perfect way to try multiple items in one category. There are so many to choose categories to choose from whether you are look for beauty, food, even dog items.

I fell in love with using monthly boxes after trying Birchbox. Birchbox is fantastic because they customize the items to you after filling out a survey. So if you have dry skin, they will give you products that will help with dry skin. After you receive your box, you can also go online and rate the items, which will reward you with points to purchase a full-size item of your favourite products.

Some other boxes that I would love to try out are:

Naturebox – Choose from a selection of full-size healthy snacks. You can even choose vegan and non-GMO snacks. Subscription is $9. 97 plus $4.95 for shipping to Canada

BarkBox – If you love your dog, this is a great option to test of dog toys, treats, and gifts every month. This box is a little more prices, $29.00 a month plus $5 for shipping to Canada.


ipsy – Another beauty subscription, but the one thing i love about this one is you get a different cosmetic pouch every month. This one unfortunately doesn’t ship to Canada, but if you know someone who lives in the states, this one would be perfect. Monthly price is $10.00.

Caffeine Rebel – If you’re a coffee lover like me, this subscriptions box is for you. Receive different coffee blends to your door every month for $29.99 (12 oz bag) or increase the price to get up to three bags.

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