What I’m Wearing | 2016

It’s 2016 and if you are looking for some ways to update your wardrobe, check out what I’ll be wearing this year.

The White Sneaker

Converse sneakers may be a thing of the past. The trend of the white sneaker, which started flooding fashion magazines and websites late last year, has carried over into 2016. It took me some time to purchase a pair of the trendy sneaker, but now that I have I will never look back. The brand I selected for my first pair– Stan Smith Adidas. This is such a classic look that celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are wearing.

Some other options for the trend: Vans, Superga, Nike


If you would have told me adolescent self that I would be wearing turtlenecks now, I wouldn’t have believed you. I had one turtleneck to wear when outside in the winter and I would spend the day stretching it away from my neck. At this point, I own 5 and could wear them everyday. There are two turtleneck styles I love, a straight neck and folded neck. A straight neck is much more effortless and aren’t fussy. It is definitely a more updated look. A folded neck is the classic turtleneck style. It’s much more polished.

Leather Tights

Leather leggings are so versatile and will take any outfit to a whole other level. There are many different styles you can choose from. I started with a pair from Club Monaco with just leather paneling in the front, and finally graduated to full leather legging from Aritzia. I always worried that a leather legging would be so hot and uncomfortable, but they are almost as comfortable as my favourite pair of jeans. Pair them with an oversized sweater for a causal look or a long blouse and some heels for the perfect evening look.

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