Packing for a weekend Getaway

There is nothing I love more than going away for a weekend getaway. I find that I make the most of my time on these trips by filling every hour with something to do because i’m not in the city for very long.

The thing with going away for a short amount of time is the difficulty of not wanting to pack your whole closet. Lets be real, how much can you actually fit in a carry on. It seems like only one of my knit sweaters and makeup will fit. I’ve gotten a lot better at packing a tiny suitcase, and its all about planning.

You can’t just throw in items you like or the “just incase” items. Every article of clothing, accessory, and toiletry has to count!

You first want to start with a good foundation. Having a suitcase that will be able to fit what you want and make it easy to get around the airport with is important. Make sure you have a suitcase with a ton of pockets. That way you can have a place for everything. Having a suitcase with four rollers helps a ton. You’ll be able to bring it into the bathroom stall or through the airplane isle with ease.

Then it’s time to pack you’re essentials. It’s easy to pack the items you might wear. But, if you have any doubt, don’t pack it! Bring basics that you can mix and match. Bring a blouse that you can wear during the day with some jeans, then tuck it into a skirt with some jewelry if you’re going out in the evening. I’ve talked about packing cubes in my previous Packing Tips and Tricks post, and even though its a small suitcase, it’s still great to use them. It’ll help keep things from wrinkling.

Tip: If your traveling in the winter, make sure to wear your chunky knits to the airport with a t-shirt underneath. That way you are saving room in your suitcase and you’ll be able to take it off if you’re warm.

Packing toiletries can be tricky. Separate your liquids from the rest of your makeup. It’ll save time trying to put all your liquids into the clear bag at the airport.

Tip: Put your toiletries in the outside pockets of your suitcase. It’ll be easier to take out when you go through security. Collect samples you get from Sephora or other beauty stores. It saves you the hassle of putting your lotions and face wash into separate containers.

It gets easier, trust me.




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