Relaxing in the Cold

Over the winter break, I experienced one of the most magical places in Winnipeg – Thermëa. This Scandinavian-inspired spa opened almost a year ago on January 15, and I question myself as to why it has taken me so long to experience this unbelievable spa getaway.

Aside from massages and body treatments, most go for the Thermal Experience. During your time there, you follow a circuit of going from hot to cold and then relax. Essentially, you are hopping from sauna to sauna and immersing myself in a 10 C pool. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy jumping into a freezing pool in the dead of winter, but it is the best way to relax muscles, eliminate toxins, and find your natural balance.

I went with one of my best friends on a Tuesday, which meant we took advantage of their Girls Getaway offer. This meant for $69, we each received an appetizer at their restaurant, along with dessert, a glass of champagne and they included the bathrobe rental (instead of the usual $45). Let me tell you, the food was absolutely delicious. We both shared our appetizers and were blown away by how good they were. The best thing about dining in their restaurant, is sitting there in your robe and flip-flops.

After trying everything Thermëa had to offer, my absolute favourite sauna is the Finlandia sauna, specifically the Aufguss ritual. An Aufguss master will pour water over the hot stones, which creates a vapour infused with essential oils like lavender, spearmint, and lemongrass. Throughout the 15 minute ritual, The Aufguss master will use a large towel to distribute bursts of heat, which really allows you to take in the essential oils. Oddly enough, the bursts of heat feel great even though you are already sweating profusely.

After a relaxing five hours, I finally forced myself out of the hot tub as I needed to go home. If I didn’t have a prior commitment, I would have been there till close. I left feeling relaxed and reenergized, and ready to go back soon.

If you have not yet gone to Thermëa, you must. Plan to go by yourself or with some friends. I myself am already planning another spa day. For the ladies, it is 100 per cent worth it to go on Tuesdays for the Girls Getaway.

Visit Thermëa’s website for more about the Thermal Experience.


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