2015 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s here! The Holiday season is upon us, which means lots of baked goods, christmas carols, and holiday cheer. My favourite part of the holidays has to be gift giving. I love searching for the perfect gift and seeing how excited they are when they open it.

Gift giving can be stressful and most importantly, the malls are absolutely crazy. To help lessen the time you’re in the mall, I’ve created a gift guide for the 2015 Holiday season. Not only are these things that I would love to receive, but I am sure your friends and family will love them too.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.04.47 PM

  1. Moment Lens ($99.99) – If you’re like me, carrying around a big DSLR isn’t always the most practical thing when your in the hustle and bustle of a new city. Although iPhones have amazing cameras now, why not take that to the next level with this lens you can attach to your iPhone. There are three types of lenses the Tele Lens, Wide Lens, and the Macro Lens.
  2. Globe Mug ($13.95) – Getting someone a mug is always a simple and practical gift. I love this one from the Dot Collection at Starbucks. The perfect reminder for someone while sipping their morning coffee or tea.
  3. Heys Packing Cubes ($29.97) – These packing cubes are perfect for staying organized while traveling. You can organize your entire suitcase and separate your undergarments from your jeans and shirts.
  4. Luckies of London Scratch Globe ($28.50) – If you are a world traveler, it’s nice to see all the places you’ve traveled on a map. There are so many ways to document your travels, but this one is the best I’ve seen. It won’t take up too much room and you don’t have to find a place to hang it on your wall.
  5. FRE Lifeproof iPhone 6 Case ($71.99) – If your traveling, the last thing you want to worry about is your phone breaking. Lifeproof is a must! Especially if you want to take some good photos in the ocean.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.05.02 PM

  1. Mous Musicase iPhone 6 Case ($45.29) – I think this is a genius idea. People are always loosing their headphones and this prevents that from happening. It will also prevent them from getting tangled.
  2. Polaroid Zip Mobile Photo Printer ($145) – The only downfall to the camera on an iPhone is that the photos tend to never get printed. This printer allows you to print out photos directly from your phone.
  3. Cord Taco 5-Pack from This Is Ground ($29.00) – My cords are constantly getting tangled and these would definitely help solve that problem. These cord tacos, which have the best name ever, come in so many different colours.
  4. SoundBot® Wireless Shower Speaker ($39.99) – Take your shower singing to the next level with this waterproof speaker. It’s also small enough you could throw it in your bag and take on the go.
  5. PAPERBACK Adhesive notes ($7.95) – I am in love with this. Sticky notes that attach to the back of your iPhone. There’s something about actually writing a list and crossing it off that makes you feel so much more accomplished. Each pack comes with 80 sheets.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.04.56 PM

  1. Hana Bracelet from Sugar Blossom ($45.00) – Jewellery is one of my favourite things to receive as a gift. I have been obsessed with my Sugar Blossom bracelet and I’m encouraging you to purchase one for everyone you know.
  2. Diamond Mosaic Blanket Scarf ($85.00) – Once you receive this scarf you will never need another scarf again. It will keep you warm during our chilly Winnipeg winters.
  3. Coal and Canary Holiday Collection ($30.00) – There is nothing better then making your home smell like Christmas. The new Coal and Canary Christmas Collection candles are something you need to gift someone. By the way, the candle names are absolutely incredible.
  4. GiGi New York All in One Bag ($135.00) – Monogram is something every fashionista needs. This clutch is great for running errands or just to keep hair ties and a lipgloss together in your handbag.
  5. The Little Dictionary of Fashion ($21.97) – The perfect coffee table book any fashion forward woman will want.

Happy Holidays!

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