Winnipeg Breakfast Spots

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By now, we all know I love breakfast. I expressed my love for it in my Boost your Breakfast post. Although I love cooking up my own breakfast at home, going out for breakfast is a lot more fun.

Winnipeg has a lot of great breakfast spots. Whether you are in need of a new breakfast spot, or you are in Winnipeg for the weekend, here are my favourite restaurants.

1. The Don 
This restaurant on Donald Street has a huge menu and is absolutely delicious. I’m a sucker for the classic breakfast and they do it right. One thing I especially love about The Don is their hash browns. They are one of the very few breakfast spots I love that they shred their hash browns. Make sure you ask for them to make them crispy!

Classic Breakfast:
Classic Breakfast | $8.50 | smoked bacon strips or Manitoba pork sausages, two free range omega 3 eggs,home shaved hash browns and toast.

2. The Tallest Poppy 
Walking into The Tallest Poppy is like walking back in time. Located right across from Stella’s Cafe and Bakery on Sherbrook Street, this restaurant is retro with their 60s and 70s inspired decor. Their tables are decorated with geometric shapes and longhorn skulls, with miss matched chairs. Their menu has a good variety with a few in-house specialties. I’m talking about maple, black pepper bacon and cheddar green onion bread. Their coffee is also delicious.

Classic Breakfast:
Poppy Breakfast | $8.95 | Eggs, meat, hash browns, toast

3. Stella’s Cafe and Bakery
This is a classic breakfast spot in Winnipeg that will never disappoint. Everything on their menu is incredible and there are multiple locations around Winnipeg. Their specialty coffee drinks, smoothies, and homemade iced tea are delicious.

Classic Breakfast:
Cafe Breakfast | $8.95 | two eggs, ham, bacon or grass-fed beef sausage, hash browns, toast & Stella’s jam

What is your favourite breakfast place in Winnipeg?

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