To be a Maid Of Honour

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This weekend was unlike any other weekend. On Saturday, October 10, I got to stand beside my big sister as her maid of honour and watch her marry the love of her life.

Just over a year ago, I was sitting in my sisters Minneapolis apartment living room, when she handed me a beautifully wrapped box with a gold bow. She gave it to me with the biggest smile. I had the slightest idea of what it may be, as she had just gotten propose to in New York City a few months back, but I didn’t jump to any conclusions.

I started opening the gift and started to bawl. A bottle of champagne with a custom label read “will you be my maid of honour” along with a pandora charm and a note pad. I immediately said yes.

Being a maid of honour is a big role. There is an engagement party, bridal shower, and bachelorette party to plan, multiple speeches, and countless nights helping the bride-to-be stuffing envelopes. For my sister’s wedding, the importance of the role even increased as she had no other bridesmaids.

Fast forward to today now that I have officially completed all my duties as a maid of honour, and let me tell you, I had the best time.

The big day started off nice and early. My sister, Stephanie and I were at Fluid Hair Design at 7:45 in the morning to get our hair and makeup done. Stephanie, and I wore matching white button-up shirts with hers saying “Bride,” and “Maid of Honour” on mine. Shortly after we arrived, the talented people from Kampphotography and Mindscape Studios arrived to document the entire day.

Once our hair and makeup was done, we headed back to our house to put on our dresses and take some more photos. The moment my sister slipped on her dress and I started buttoning her in, was when it got real. “This is it,” I thought, “my big sister is getting married.” She looked stunning in her Maggie Sottero lace dress.

There are some roles as a maid of honour you don’t expect, like having to strap the bride-to-be into her dress. My sister’s dress had many buttons on the back, that using a crochet hook was the best option. Even the smallest of hands would have had some difficulty. Being under a time constraint and having eight sets of eyes on me while doing so added pressure to this not so difficult task.

After everyone was ready, including the father of the bride, it was then time to head to the church. I could not believe how nervous I started to get. I’ve never been in a wedding party, so I didn’t really know what to expect. Sure we had a wedding rehearsal the night before, but we went through everything so quickly. It was also a Ukrainian catholic service, which meant there were many religious components throughout the 45 minute service.

I kept reviewing what I was expected to do throughout the service aloud to my mom and baba who were in the limo with me. I had to convince myself that if I did end up messing something up, we could laugh at it when it was over.

We got to the church and I went into a room at the back of the church with Stephanie and my dad. At this point I felt like as though it was me walking down the isle. I asked my sister if she was nervous but she wasn’t at all.

The music began and it was my cue to walk in. Of course, as I was walking up the stairs my dress was getting caught on my heels. “Don’t fall,” I kept telling myself. When I made it down the isle, I got to watch my dad walk my sister down the isle and hand her off to the love of her life. You can imagine the amount of tears streaming down my face. Happy tears of course.

My nerves never settled down throughout the ceremony. For some reason this moment made me more nervous than a school presentation. But, the ceremony was absolutely beautiful and went incredibly smooth with the exception that her veil kept slipping out of her hair. I kept hearing my mom whisper behind me “her veil, fix her veil!”

The entire ceremony went by so quickly. All of a sudden we were in the limo and off to take photos. We couldn’t have asked for a better day as the weather was perfect. The photos ended at the Fort Garry Hotel where we would be spending the rest of the night.

This is where all the fun began. Two hundred people gathered in the Crystal Ballroom at the Fort Garry Hotel for great food, lots of dancing, and even more tears.

The speeches were so much fun to listen to and each speech resulted in a good amount of crying.

The night went by at a good pace and I truly felt that I enjoyed the night. I continued my duties as Maid of Honour throughout the night by making sure she had plenty to eat and drink. I kept asking if her feet were alright (I had some blister Band-Aids ready to go in my purse).

I also cannot forget to mention the incredible cake done by Cake Studio. My sister and her husband got engaged in New York City, specifically at the Phantom of the Opera, which is why their cake was Phantom of the Opera themed. The cake was detailed and intricate. It even had a light. The photo below doesn’t do it justice, but trust me, it was incredible.


Congratulations Stephanie and Kyle! And thank you Stephanie for asking me to be your maid of honour.

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