The New “Katherine with a K”

When I first started blogging, I created my very first blog, “Neon and Neutrals,” which contained a total of five very short posts. I had been receiving subscriptions to Birchbox at that time, which meant half of my posts were reviews of the monthly box. The high contrast photos were horrendous and my creativity was still being developed.

The one thing that has still stayed the same since I decided to create my own blog – which was over 3 years ago – has been my obsession of fashion.

After a year of creating “Katherine with a K,” a name that I wasn’t entirely sold on, I have decided to give my blog a major face lift. I want to focus on a blog that better represents myself and provides better content for my readers.

There will be a new name, a new URL, and an entirely new aesthetic. Although this year will be exceptionally busy, blogging is something I am passionate about and want to work on.

As for now, I will continue posting to Katherine with a K until the page is ready to be revealed.

This year will be filled with a lot of new things, some of which are nerve-racking, and others exciting, but I am focused on achieving my goals I have wanted since “Neon and Neutrals” was born.

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