I’m sure you have already heard of the new Lane Bryant campaign, #ImNoAngel. If not, here’s what it’s all about. Lane Bryant has created a campaign which is said to be an anti-Victoria Secret campaign. Hence, #ImNoAngel. It focuses on celebrating women of all shapes and sizes.

And let me tell you, I absolutely love it!

The campaign was launched in New York during a performance by Salt-N-Pepa and a flash mob. Salt-N-Pepa performed their hits “Push It” and “Shoop” while models featured in the campaign – Ashley GrahamMarquita PringCandice HuffineVictoria LeeJustine Legault, and Elly Mayday – were also there celebrating.

The six models featured in the campaign during the release in NYC. -photo from PR Newswire

The campaign includes  a 30-second video with six women showing off their curves and repeating that they are no angels. One model also says, “How boring would it be if we were all the same?” Which is of course, so true!

The campaign has revived an overwhelming response. Women are now heading over to social media using the campaign tagline, #ImNoAngel. They are posting their own photos and feeling empowered. People are absolutely loving this campaign.

I think this campaign is refreshing and we need to see more campaigns like these. Girls need to see that there isn’t one body mould to form to. Today, more and more companies are sending message just like this one such as Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign (the most powerful video ever) and Aeire saying no to photo retouching in the #aerieREAL campaign.

What are your thought on the new Lane Bryant campaign?

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