Spring is Here

Today marks the first day of spring.

Thank goodness winter is over. Just like every other, it was long, dry, and cold. I’ve started using this warm weather as a kick start to help get out of the slump Winter put me in. I’ve started going to walks outside, grabbing some healthier options from the fridge and feeling happier too.

With spring officially here, I decided to share  my top five favourite things I love about the start of spring.

1. Ditching the parka and boots – Once the warm weather hits, my leather jacket and flats go on. A leather jacket is a staple in my wardrobe.

2. Outside workouts – I love going for walks outside. It’s a great way to clear the head and enjoy the weather.

3. Mini Eggs – Yes, they sell these all year round, but I limit myself to only eating them around Easter. They are just too good.

4. Iced Coffee – Starbucks sells iced coffee year round, but I tend to only start drinking it around this time.

5. Opening the windows (driving or at home) – Crack those windows open and breath in some fresh air, it’s good for you.

What’s your favourite part about spring?

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