Tuesday night I decided to try something new. My sister and I went to Paint Nite at The Good Will.


The last time I painted was probably in elementary school, so I wasn’t sure how this was going to go. I was planning to walk out of there with a masterpiece or at least one close to the example. Once I got there, I realized that wasn’t the point of Paint Nite.

The night consisted of drinking and painting “Caribbean Sails” for two hours. What more could you ask for, really. The instructor, Manda, was incredible. She was positive, encouraging, and really made sure you let loose.

Before everyone started painting, we were given an oath to repeat. What was the oath all about? Not to judge your painting! We vowed to avoid say things like, “mine sucks” or “I messed up”. She reminded us that it was abstract art and it didn’t need to be perfect.
The message was perfect and made me realize painting is an incredible stress reliever. With some great music on in the background, I was able to forget everything and just focus on one thing. IMG_9937

My sister and I walked out there incredibly proud of our paintings. We could have been there all night. Below is the final painting and by no means is it a masterpiece, but I am proud of it.




I know this won’t be the last time I attend Paint Nite. I recommend it to everyone. Check out the website to book your Paint Nite. There isn’t anything available until May, so if you want to go book fast!


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