Ice Ice Baby

I think I have just found something amazing.

It’s time to have a little fun this weekend outdoors. No, I’m not talking about tobogganing or skating. I’m talking about ordering a drink over a big chunk of ice.

Rudy’s Eat and Drink has created an igloo and icebar. According to their social media accounts, you get your chance to test it out this weekend.

Last night, Winnipeg media got to test it out first during a sleigh ride media tour to promote the new Downtown Winnipeg Biz campaign #finditdowntown. This campaign gives you the chance to win a keychain that will give Winnipeggers the chance to gloat with year-round access to discounts and promotions to downtown restaurants. Check out the Downtown Winnipeg Biz website for more information!

I’m very excited to check out.

Here are some photos from Rudy’s Instagram page.



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