Proud by Michael Healey

IMG_0533The set of Proud by Michael Healey
Photo by Katherine Hardy

Let’s take a moment to chat about a play I went to this week called Proud by Michael Healey at The Rachel Browne Theatre. It’s all about politics and what really happens behind closed doors.

I’ve grown up going to musicals. I love them and will never get bored of them. However, plays I just can’t seem to get into and I haven’t been to many. I just love the music element, so it’s hard to watch something without the music. Singing along makes you feel part of the show and makes you think you actually could be up there with them (maybe that’s just me).

The one thing that shocked me about Proud was how interactive and engaging it was even without a sing-a-long. When I heard that this play was about politics I was worried that I would not understand it one bit or it was going to be boring. That wasn’t the case one bit. It was humorous and easy to follow.

My favourite part of the entire play was when Jisbella Lyth, played by Daria Puttaert, talked about how important it is to believe in yourself because ultimately thats all you have in the end. It really hit home for me and stood out in all the humour and sexual connotations. It got my full attention and felt the most real.

The sexual connotations and swearing got to be a bit much near the end. I started getting distracted and offended. I understand that it gave an element of humour to the play but I think dialling it back a bit would have been a lot more pleasant to watch. More jokes about hash brown would have caught my attention. I now know the difference between hash browns and latke…eggs.

I absolutely loved the talk back session after the play. It was something I have never experienced and I enjoyed it. It makes you realize that there is so much depth and detail that goes into to a play that I never would have imagined. The characters explained how much research went into playing their roll, specifically Ross McMillan who played Prime Minister Stephen Harper. McMillian had all of Stephen Harper’s mannerisms down pat and said that it took him a long time to perfect that. There’s a lot more to it than just memorizing your lines.

I really suggest going to either this play or others at The Rachel Browne Theatre. Especially if you are wanting to do something different in Winnipeg. It’s a great night out and an opportunity to see the talent right here in Winnipeg.

Photo by Katherine Hardy

Proud is playing until November 16. Check out the website for more information and to see what other plays you will be able to check out.

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