Happy Halloween!

Oh, Halloween. I started loving Halloween ever since elementary school. We would walk around the gym in our cute little costumes and show them off to our parents and teachers.

It’s such a fun holiday, you get to eat all the candy you want AND you get to dress up. What more could you want.

Here are some of my favourite things about Halloween.

Candy and Chocolate- Sour Patch Kids, Mars bars and any mini bags of chips are my go to. My mom puts a cauldron of candy out by out front door and it is a death trap! If only it was healthy to have a diet that consisted of just Halloween candy.

Homemade costumes- Yeah.. I know.. it’s lot of work, but knowing that no one will have your costume is fantastic. Some homemade costumes don’t even need that much work.

Carving pumpkins- Pumpkin carving is a family tradition, so we do it every year. The most stressful part is always picking out what you want to carve. I can spend an hour in the process. The best part is when a kid you are giving candy to gets excited about what you carved. Here are some of the pumpkins i’ve carved.

photo IMG_1559

Movies/TV- Last night I watched American Horror Story Freakshow (for the first time. Lemme tell you that clowns may become one of my fears. I love The Conjuring too and of course Hocus Pocus and Halloween Town.

Happy Halloween, have fun!

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