Fashion in the News

Here are some of the stories going on right now.

1. Just this past Monday, a limited edition Karl Lagerfeld Barbie was released. Each Barbie had a $200 price tag. I’d day thats quite a hefty price for a Barbie. Net-a-Porter, an online high-fashion retailer, sold 200K worth. Although it’s sold out, you can still get this designer doll if you’d like. The Barbie is being resold on eBay for $1,250, but you can always save the money and dress your own barbie to recreate Lagerfeld’s look. (

Karl Lagerfeld Barbie, Photo from Net-a-Porter
Karl Lagerfeld Barbie, Photo from Net-a-Porter

2. Popular jean brands like Levi’s and American Eagle are looking to increase the size of their pockets. This comes after the new release of the iPhone 6 Plus. Why don’t we just stop making such big phones? Would you buy jeans that can fit your iPhone safely? (

photo from Luke Leonard/Mashable
photo from Luke Leonard/Mashable

3. Looks like the Beckham kids are taking after their talented parents. Romeo Beckham is the new face of the Burberry holiday campaign. He’s only 12-years old and has already scored this major gig. I can’t even imagine how much he’s getting paid. (

A sneak peek at the Burberry campaign from InStyle
A sneak peek at the Burberry campaign from InStyle

4. It must be pretty cool to be a Harvard Business School student right now. Students have conducted a case study on Beyoncé’s famous album release. No one knew about the release and it definitely surprised many. The study focuses on the success of the release and the marketing strategies used. Find out more about it here. (Harvard Gazette)

5. Polo Park has finally opened up their new expansion. The new expansion includes stores like Anthropology, Urban Outfitters, Nine West, The Disney Store and many more. Winnipeg is finally moving on up, but this is definitely bad news for my wallet.

3 thoughts on “Fashion in the News

  1. The single biggest reason I have the iPhone 4S and not the 5 is size. The 4 always seems to be too small for my tiny skinny jeans pockets as is. So kudos to jean companies for picking up on us needing bigger pockets! My contract is up in a year so I’ll need to go bigger if I want to upgrade.

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